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How news have improved

Since headline news on radio saw the light of day decades ago, it has remained virtually unchanged. In the Netherlands they’ve given news a new spin.

The dutch public service broadcaster has a newsroom, NOS, that service all their radio stations across a variety of formats. Keeping the various formats in mind, they set out to find how they could develop news they asked themselves?
They set out to make changes, and established that news is about getting closer to the listener, in speech, picture, text and video. The social media revolution has been key to this change, but there’s been a focus on the voices used as well. 
Where the tone of voice on headline news used to be very formal and authoritative, NOS have worked to make news an integrated part of the format on their various stations. There was a clear goal to get away from the “we interrupt this program” attitude that made news an alien in the output, to a natural and integrated part of the show.
The three national radio stations Radio 1, Radio 2 and 3FM are described, respectively, as traditional and business like, a good neighbour and your friend. The degree of integration needed to be different across the stations, where Radio 1 would still have a clear and distinct separation between news and programming, on Radio 2 it’d become friendlier and on 3FM the news anchors are welcomed in as side kicks, and deliver news on a dance music inspired beat.
The other integral part of the change is social media. NOS have a dedicated social media editor and a staff that interacts with user through a dedicated website. The aim was to find “authentic voices” and create a bank of people with knowledge and expertise on specific issues. The NOS Net website also allows users to submit videos, sound and comments.