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Barcelona Airport

How to go to Barcelona

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most attractive and dynamic cities. Some 7 million people visit Barcelona annually and around half of those come for a meeting or a conference. 75 % of them arrive by airplane.

Barcelona is one of the cities in Europe and the world which host the greatest number of international congresses. Leading multinationals choose Barcelona for their conventions and product presentations.

Getting to Barcelona from all over Europe is fairly simple, and if you can plan ahead you can get good fares. Barcelona airport handles around 30 million passengers a year. 

Central Europe: 70 to 140 euro

From central Europe you can get to Barcelona in an hour or two. From places like Rome, Lisbon, Vienna, Geneva, London, Munich, Paris and Amsterdam you get tickets for between 70 € to 140 €.  These prices - as all other prices given in this article - covers round trip.

Eastern Europe: Around 150 euro

From Eastern Europe you may have to get a flight via Amsterdam or Vienna, and it will take you around 4-5 hours depending on the connections from cities like Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb and Belgrade. You should be able to get a flight for around 150 €.

Scandinavia: 130 - 180 euro

If you are flying in from Scandinavia it will take about 3 hours from Copenhagen and just a little more from Helsinki or Stockholm if you’re lucky enough to get a direct flight.  It will cost you around 130 to 180 €.

USA: 500 - 600 euro

Travelling from New York is a 10 hour flight for around 500€, and from Los Angeles some 15-16 hours. Prices vary, but around 600 € should get you to Barcelona.

Regular airlines

Most of the major airlines such as Lufthansa, KLM, Iberia, Air France and BA have flights to Barcelona, non-stop or via their preferred connection.

Low-cost airlines

Companies such as Easy Jet, fly to Barcelona from 18 European destinations, amongst them Lyon, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Geneva, London and Amsterdam.

Ryan Air has connections to Barcelona international airport (el Prat) from Edinburgh, Brussels, Venice, Vilnius, Poznan and a number of other cities. Ryan Air also uses Girona and Reus airports, which both are well connected to Barcelona via a 75 mins direct bus drive (bus schedule is coordinated with plane schedule)

Norwegian flies from the Scandinavian capitals, although not always daily.

NB.Spanair has closed down all its operations because of bankrupcy. For further information read here

A taxi or a bus will take you from the airport to the center of Barcelona in 15-20 minutes.