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How can you make your radio show better?

Numbers are always good, right? David G Hall, a Media Strategist from Los Angeles, talked about five simple tools which producers can use to make their show better. Why? Well, David feels that radio shows can often be enhanced by looking at things a little differently. 


1. Partnership

Production teams need to create a true partnership with their talent, and both sides need to take on specific responsibilities. For leaders, David said that a good partnership was about creating a bubble of safety around the people who are working for you. 


2. Ownership

David talked about presenters who go to the next stage by owning their content. He used the example of a Spanish speech presenter who locks his running order an hour before the show. The presenter can then spend the spare time reviewing the programme and adding in his knowledge, stories and experience to create a unique personalised programme.


3. Preparation 

Your job as a broadcaster is to upgrade your content, not just create it. Try putting a show to bed the day before. “Step away, let it cook." Put some time to one side to develop the programme. 


4. Story

David told the session to never lose sight of the power of great storytelling. He illustrated this with a great piece of audio from a segment called "Don't tell me your name, tell me your secret".


5. Friends and Family

Finally, David talked about the need for shows to reflect real life. Your favourite programmes need to be extensions of listeners' own friends and family.


Every show, even the very best, can always be made better! David G. Hall is a media strategist and he has five simple ways of doing just that. In this video, he gives us one of them!