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How can radio keep up with streamers?

Since 2009, online radio listening in the USA has stayed flat, whilst Pandora has grown five times the size.


This has forced some broadcasters into responding. Larry Rosin (Edison Research, USA) has done some good research, providing Austrian listeners with special adapted phones. On the phone were four apps: Kronehit, Ö3, Spotify and Pandora. How would listeners respond if they could only listen to audio on these apps?


The participants saw many positives about all the apps. Spotify did particularly well as people liked its playlist functionality. Pandora, a service unknown by most respondents, did very well. The Ö3 app allowed listeners to grab the latest news bulletin on-demand, which was well-liked. The simplicity of the app (fewer features) was also held in high regard. For Kronehit, the side channels were particularly useful. Choose the music that fits your mood!


Rüdiger Landgraf, the PD at Kronehit, said there were six key learnings: 


1. Pandora did great, especially because of its music choice algorithm 

2. The radio apps were surprisingly competitive with the pure plays

3. Linear radio is disadvantaged against the apps with progressive downloading

4. Skipping is a killer functionality, rewinding even more so

5. Kronehit's use of curated channels was well received

6. Simulcast won't save you