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Radiodays Europe in Berlin 2013

High scores for Radiodays Europe in Berlin – “the best so far”

The feedback from 1200 participants in Berlin has been overwhelmingly positive.

In a survey 89% of the delegates say they were pleased or very pleased with the overall quality of the conference (satisfactory or very satisfactory)  which is 4 or 5 on a 5-point scale where 5 is the highest score.

Only 3% say it was unsatisfactory (1 or 2). The average score is 4,2 which is quite extraordinary. Many has also commented that the Berlin conference was better than the year before and “the best so far”.

Both public and commercial radio give the same level of high scores. Looking at the different sessions, there were 22 sessions that scored 4 or higher and none were rated 3 or lower.

On the positive side is of course the quality of the speakers, the wide range of topics and that Radiodays attracts “the right people”, making it an the most important meeting point for radio. Delegates were also pleased with the venue, but are asking for facilitation of  contacts between delegates.

Who are attending Radiodays Europe?

The 1200 attendees in Berlin came from 50 different countries. The largest group of delegates came from Germany (300),  followed by Norway, Sweden, Russia, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, USA, Belgium, France, Austria, Poland, Romania and Italy,  in that order. Almost all European countries were represented, including small states like Malta, Cyprus and Estonia.

We also saw an increased number of participants from outside Europe – from across Asia (Korea, India, Singapore, Vietnam), the Middle East, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and North America. With a number of new partner agreements in Asia, Australia and the Commonwealth countries, the number of delegates from outside Europe, and the number of countries present, are likely to rise in 2014.

Radio managers and leaders – public and private

Most participants work in radio broadcasting and they came in equally large numbers from both public and private broadcasters. The third category of participants consists of consultants, exhibitors, network operators,  press and broadcasting authorities. 

In the survey 36% consider themselves as “top level management”,  27% “Head of Programme/music/marketing”,  9% “Programme host/developer”, 8% work in sales and 20% “other”.

Largest in the World

The number of delegates (1200 – sold out and up from 800 the previous year), the number of countries represented and the number of speakers, sessions and topics, makes Radiodays Europe the largest and most important international radio conference in the world.