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Mark Little, the Founder of Storyful, at Radiodays Europe 2015 in Milan

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Mark Little, the Founder of Storyful, wants a “revolution in journalism”. 

Little, whose company Storyful was recently bought by News Corp, believes that news outlets are scared they are “no longer the voice of God”. 

Audiences don’t need to get their news at a set time anymore. Listeners can get breaking stories at any point via different channels. 

The smartphone is often more powerful at telling stories. 

“We need to take harness the exponential growth in content now available”, Mark said. There’s no longer a monopoly on news. We’re in the age of the eye-witness, and now the man on the street is the journalist and producer. Broadcasters need to be in partnership with those who used to just be listeners. 

Little’s inspiration for making his own content online came from wanting to reach an audience in an unmediated way. He grew tired of having to tell powerful global stories in a 2 minute package.

And by placing social media at the heart of the stories, Mark Little keeps news in the mind of the consumer.