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Guests revealed for 'Number One' session

ReelWorld Productions have confirmed the guests for their session 'Staying Number One - Leading the Way in a Competitive Market' in what they promise will be one of the liveliest in the programme.

Joining moderator Andrew Jeffries who is flying in from Los Angeles for the conference are Pete Simmons, Programme Director at London's number one commercial radio station, Magic 105.4, Tone Donald, Head of P3 and mp3 in Norway, and Berlin's very own Christian Schalt, General Manager at 94,3 rs2 and Kiss FM.

The panelists, who represent very different formats and face unique challenges in their territories, are looking forward to sharing their approaches to success.

AC station Magic 105.4 is the only London commercial radio station to reach over 2 million listeners every week and after the recent audience figures were released PD Pete Simmons touched upon their formula: "Through all the noise in London, created from marketing and promotion, we have a simple but engaging mix of the greatest songs, great talent, and weekly special appointments to listen".  

We  think there's more to it than that!  Andrew Jeffries, never one to shy away from a good radio debate, is committed to making sure the panelists reveal some of their secrets before the session is over.  You can be part of the discussion in the Blue Room at 2pm on Monday 18th March.