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Great (cheap) ideas

 Nothing is more important to a radio station than a great idea. In England they found a pair of older ladies in their eighties, and ended up winning one of the country’s most coveted radio awards

. With limited budgets, radio stations across the spectrum need to rely more and more on creativity to bring fresh compelling content to air. 
For BBC Humberside, a local BBC station in the North East of England, it started with an idea. “I wanted to mirror the relationship the audience has with a grandparent,” explains presenter David Reeves.
Finding the right talent was difficult, and calling around to retirement homes, the reply was often, “You must be mad!”. He eventually stumbled upon Beryl and Betty. 
Every week, the pair came in for chit chat and banter with co-host David Reeves. Topics include fashion, sex and seaside postcard humour. They offer their knowledge of local history, new music and even taste in younger men.
When the pair won "Best Entertainment Programme" at the 2012 Sony Music Awards, the judges said: “They give a voice to a sector of society unrepresented on radio and do it with a joy that puts many of their fellow broadcasters to shame.”
The show came to an end just before Christmas last year, but the special relationship between David Reeves and the ladies continue. He comes to birthday parties, visits them in hospital when they’re ill and he still pops round to see them and make sure they are OK.