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Mark Barber, Planning Director at Radio Centre, UK

Getting your radio’s worth

Radio is out preforming most other forms of media for return on investment (ROI).

The power and effectiveness of radio campaigns, in comparison to other media, is significant. For every £1 spent on advertising in radio the average ROI is £7.70.


Measuring brand campaign effectiveness is important to understand how effective radio campaigns are and the key is to do your homework. No single econometrics agency has enough data to provide a detailed analysis on how successful radio advertising is. The advice from Mark Barber (Planning Director at Radio Centre, UK) is to pool them. By bringing together multiple strands of data, it allows in-depth analysis of how effective advertising campaigns are for brands.

Christoph Wild (ASS-Werberg) illustrated the short-term success of a two-week radio campaign by analysing the buying behaviour of consumers. If you look at the detailed ROIs for brands and the ultimate success of campaigns, radio should be playing a far more strategic role in advertising.


What can we do to increase our ROI?


Access the ROI data, analyse it, promote the strategic game-changers in the market, and increase the share of the budget. Most brands invest 6% of their advertisement budget into radio and their investment returns have grown steadily.


There are some who have received a 20% ROI in radio, such as Weetabix and Flybe. We need to seek out those in the 20% club, find out how radio is working for them and promote their success.