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The Future of Radio in Cars

How will radio be used in the multimedia environment in the cars of tomorrow?  A car manufacturer, a radio broadcaster and an internet expert give you their answers!

Once radio was the only medium available in cars.  Then came cassette-, CD- and MP3-players.  And now we are looking into a future where the standalone car radio stereo set will be transformed into an entertainment center with multiple functions: Radio and tv, content on demand, music services like Spotify, traffic and navigation services, inter-active services, games and much more.  All delivered via various combinations of broadcasting, satellite, internet and local storage.

John Ousby is probably the best placed expert to give us an overview over how we can expect the media environment in cars to develop over the next five years. 
   Today he is CEO of vTuner, the leading provider of internet radio services in the US, and on the board of both Radio DNS and Internet Media Device Alliance (IMDA). 
   Previously at BBC Audio & Music, John spearheaded cross platform distribution of the national BBC radio brands and music offerings across Digital TV, DAB, mobile, and IP streaming. 
   His core questions: What is the significance of car listening to radio?  How can IP connectivity help or challenge this position?  What does the radio industry need to do now - and can it do so alone or will it require new cooperation partners?

Dr. Martin Weiser will give us the view of the car manufacturer's vision of the cars of tomorrow.  He is Head of Driver Information Systems within Volkswagen Group Research.  This department focuses on how the connectivity of road users can open for services making driving safer and more efficient - and at the same time also open for new types of media services in cars.

But what kind of services do the car driver and passengers want?  Volkswagen, Norddeutscher Rundfunk and the Hit-Radio Antenne, Niedersachsen have cooperated on a research project on this.  The project aims to transfer the strengths of linear programming to the new interactive usage scenarios. What users get with interactive radio is additional content that heightens the listening experience – parallel with the linear radio programme.
   Petra Marsteller will present fresh and astonishing insights from research on user expectations to the future media environment in cars.  She is business unit manager at Hit-Radio Antenne Niedersachsen.

A session not to be missed!