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Workshop John Vorhaus

Four well-attended workshops started off the sunday morning programme

The subjets ranged from "creativity management" to "brands" and "innovation in the workplace". 

Michel Ben-David  ,TV-producer and researcher from Israel, told the audience that research suggests that creativity management is defined by a set of contradictions and tensions. However, if balance is lost, then the creativity of the whole organisation is at risk. The workshop explored the tension between creativity (freedom) and business (control) through the analysis of Google and Pixar, two of the most interesting and innovative companies in the world. 

John Vorhaus, Creative consultant from USA, said in his workshop, that with streamed programming attacking traditional broadcasts, the first line of defence is the on-air talent. Whether you anchor a morning show, interview guests or wield opinion, it’s you – your presence, your brand – that makes the difference between radio and everything else! In this workshop, John also presented new tools for understanding your brand and using these tools to achieve your goals. 

Tomas Bacoccoli , communications expert from Sweden, said in his workshop that both consumers and, importantly, advertisers, are tired of the same old marketing and sales tricks. 

B2B marketing and sales is changing at the rate of B2C. Advertisers want to be seduced by stations sales departments. They want to be dazzled. 

Laura-May CoopeDirector of Social Life in the UK, underlined in her workshop that social media and radio make the perfect couple. Laura-May Coope talked through the storytelling power of creative social media and how it can create and maintain long term emotional relationships with listeners. The workshop explored platforms and tools, sourcing talent, access, pitfalls, safety and listener reward. 

An excellent round of Sunday workshops and great start to Radiodays Europe 2015.