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First speakers announced - time to register for Barcelona!

Register now for the conference with the best storyteller in radio, the top expert on soundscapes  and leading experts in the use of social media!

We had lots of ideas to work on after brainstorming with radio people from many countries.  Click through to this article with lists of our first confirmed speakers and some of the topics we are working on.

Confirmed speakers
·      Ira Glass - a dazzling storyteller and programme host of the legendary NPR program "This American Life" which is sent on 500 US radio stations and topps the iTunes lists of the most popular podcasts around the world.
·      Annika Nyberg - the new Media Director of the European Broadcasting Union
·      Tim Davie - BBC's Director for Audio and Music and a leading opinion maker in the European radio industry
·      Julian Treasure - top notch British expert, consultant and author of books on the psychological - and commercial - effects of sound.
·      Giel Beelen - leading Dutch radio-DJ and program personality for morning show on radio, night radio and TV talkshows - and founding father of the "Serious Request" glass box charity radio show later adopted all around Europe.
·      Claire Wardle - media researcher, now teaching thousands of BBC journalists how to enhance their programs with social media
·      Kris Sloot - web site manager for the Dutch youth channel 3FM and in theforefront in Europe in developing visual and social radio in close connection with the program on air.

Some of the topics we are working on
·      Making radio cool for young talents and audiences
·      Radio's role in the new media environment in cars
·      Top level debate about reinventing radio
·      Personalities on air
·      Radio for screens
·      New news formats for radio
·      Sport in radio - in the Olympic year 2012
·      New talk radio in Europe
·      Radio and social media
·      Radio and location based services
·      Events building brands

More of the programme will be revealed in the beginning of December.  So stay tuned to the Radiodays Europe frequency!

Save money on ticket, flights and hotel by booking soon!
In the meantime it may be wise to book your ticket.  You save 100 Euro by getting the Early Bird Discount until New Year and the hotel nights and flights will be cheaper the earlier they are booked.  And beaware!  The Copenhagen event gathered 700 from 45 countries and the Barcelona venue will be all filled up when we reach 700 there.

So do not wait too long in booking your ticket!