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Sam Cavanagh

Facebook IS your show

You might be doing well on the radio, but if you are not online then you might lose out. That is the lesson learned from the Australian supershow Hamish & Andy.

From humble beginnings, with a late night show and an early Saturday morning outlet, Hamish & Andy got to do the drive show across the Today network in Australia. In five years they broke every single Australian broadcast record and redefined what a radio show is.

The Hamish & Andy producer Sam Cavanagh told a packed auditorium that the future of radio is how you see your audience, importantly, not as listeners but rather as fans.

He said everything on the show followed a five point checklist. It must sound good on the radio, it must create a PR opportunity in other media, it must be an event, it must work online and it must be able to work on social media platforms too.

Simply put, Australia’s most popular radio show does not create content meerly for radio. It creates content. It just so happens that this content also works for radio.