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Christian O’Connell – award-winning British radio presenter

European radio personalities: Christian O´Connell

Christian O’Connell -award-winning British radio presenter from Absolute Radio - is one of the most successful English radio DJ´s.

Every week he is presenting Absolute Radios weekday breakfast show.

A long life career within radio combined with an incredible talent for radio but also stand- up, has placed him as one of the most interesting radio hosts in Europe.

He has formerly hosted BBC Radio Five Live's weekend sports game show Fighting Talk alongside the weekday breakfast show on indie music station Xfm London. O'Connell joined the Virgin Radio team making his first broadcast on 23 January 2006.

O´Connell has an ironic style and sense of humour that some have found occasionally offensive or interpreted as childish, making use of irreverent features and sometimes mocking the music that he plays.

 He is well known for his frequent discussions of embarrassing real life situations, often discussing the gender differences between men and women, and what the role of the man should be in a given situation. In September 2008 he published a book The Men Commandments to this effect.

Christian O´Connell will give his view on radio and give us a unique insight into how he works in a breathtaking session with high professional content – and lots of laughs.