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Europe is coming together

Digital Radio UK’s Laurence Harrison stood side by side with Jacquelin Bierhorst from Digital Radio+ in the Netherlands.

Their message was clear - collaboration is key to making digital radio a success across Europe. Countries need to come together. 


And that is exactly what is happening. The UK, Netherlands, Norway, as well as Germany and Italy have come together to launch a common technical standard for receivers. 


This is really important for radio in Europe. It will save manufacturers money and help drive digital radio take up. It will mean radio is able to compete on an international scale. 


That wasn’t the only announcement either - Fiat’s 500X is going digital in the UK helping drive the proportion of in car digital radio to over 65%. 


Across Europe, countries and broadcasters are thinking about how to go digital. Some are nearly there, some are yet to start. Annika Nyberg from the EBU spoke about some of the developments across Europe. 


She mentioned Norway too. Ole Jörgen Torvmark runs Digitalradio Norge. He is charged with the task of preparing Norway to turn off their FM transmitters. It’s all about the four C’s: cars, content, coverage, communications and importantly collaboration!