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Stephen Nolan at Radiodays Europe 2014 in Dublin

Empowering local radio listeners

Stephen Nolan presenter on BBC Radio Ulster talked about how to build audiences, give people a voice and bring listeners together.

Broadcasting everyday, Nolan is able to build a story over a number of weeks - “The BBC give me the opportunity to make radio powerful”.

Interviews are a big part of Nolan’s show. He is not interested in the perfect radio interview, instead Nolan looks for people who have been put down in society and may have been turned down by other programmes. “These people need the backing of radio than the more educated people”, Nolan told Paul Robinson

The tone of Stephen Nolan’s show is upfront and no-frills. “I’m fat and I’m very fat and I talk about that on air… some days I’m in terrible form and I talk about that on air… I think the more fallible you are on air and they trust you more”.

He believes that shows and presenters need to be accessible, creating open programmes where the presenter is accountable on air. “Audiences don’t like me but they trust me… they can come on air and tell me I’m annoying them”.

Stephen spoke about his team and how important it is to build a great team, which grows with the presenter. “I want a core team around me to fight for our show”.

Finally Nolan called for more respect of local broadcasters. “Local radio is more compelling, it connects more and we need to fight more for local radio, fight for the relationship local radio has with listeners”.

Stephen Nolan interviewed by Trevor Dann, Radiodays Europe: