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Do radio stations have to use social media - and if so, why?

Crowdsourcing may be a new way to prepare a conference session.  Why not take our own medicine, thought social media specialists Brett Spencer (BBC) and Claire Wardle (Storyful).  Here are some of the answers they got from radio people.

SM works very well for me during my shows, I can get upto 250 tweets during the show..    Sheil Zenner

Anyone who claims to have the definitive answer, is either lying or insane. 'If it feels right, try it', is the most you can say.  Michael Hill

Make it easy for your true fans to love you harder and make you better: for radio, social media can help do this.  Ryan Egan

What do you mean about radio`s use of social media?  Tweet to @brettsr - and may be you will be quoted in their Radiodays Europe session!  Read more tweets about this.