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Death, sex and Radiodays Europe

The podcast Death, Sex and Money ended up on the iTunes Best of 2014 list. But the podcast market in America remains changing for its creator, Anna Sale. 


The idea for DSM came after an email from her bosses at WNYC. It asked for “a brand new idea” based on storytelling. As a political reporter, closely following the Presidential race, Anna wanted to answer the questions raised during election season, but all the time.


The show allowed Sale to explore her own “dismantling” personal-life, and expand the conversation for an interested audience. This is her first rule for making a podcast - get personal.

Anna’s second rule when making a podcast is to remember you are not broadcasting the content. In relation to broadcast radio, audiences will be listening to podcasts at different times, places and moods. 


Surprising your audience. This is Anna Sale’s third rule, something she highlights when telling stories and booking guests. DSM consciously looks towards other cultures, demographics and ideas to interest a broader market.   


The final rule: it’s important to tell your audience’s stories. DSM invites regular interaction through voice memos, so they can use these and share with the listeners. Regular and often!

Endre Juel Lundgren chats to Anna Sale from WNYC's podcast Death, Sex & Money… So who does she get people talking about sex?