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Sam Cavanagh, Executive producer of "The Hamish and Andy Show", Austereo, AUS

Creativity is currency and everyone can cash in

Sam Cavanagh (Southern Cross Austereo) spoke about his guiding principles for stimulating and nurturing creativity.

With 11 years of producing live-to-air broadcast daily, Sam considers himself a student of creativity. Speaking at Radiodays Europe, he was keen to dispel the myth that creativity is something abstract. Instead, good ideas are the result of hard work and perseverance.

As the media environment grows increasingly noisy it is evident that content is key if you want to cut through the noise. Sam believes that good ideas are the only valuable currency.


Cavanagh emphasised the importance of stealing ideas. There are no original ideas, only variations on proven ideas. Posing the right questions will allow you to turn an existing concept around to work for your radio program.

Cavanagh spoke about “the freedom of a tight brief” and told the audience that there can be no creativity without boundaries – defining the problem will allow you to find the solution.

Cavanagh has cultivated a few habits that are crucial to his creative process. He believes that the place where you start determines the place you will end up. Thus controlling your environment will ensure that the ideas flow.

Cavanagh recognised that none of these guidelines would increase creativity unless the organisation crafted a culture that encourages creativity.

Sam Cavanagh interviewed by Trevor Dann, Radiodays Europe: