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John Vorhaus, international creative consultant

The Comic Toolbox /or How to be funny when you´re not


There is absolutely no secret to being funny. All it takes is a willingness to risk, and an understanding of a few simple tools, says John Vorhaus, author of the comedy-writing classic, The Comic Toolbox: How To Be Funny Even If You`re Not.

In this dynamic, far-too-short session, you’ll learn how to be funny – even if you (think you) are not. You’ll learn why failure is fun and why a thing isn’t funny to the person it’s happening to. You’ll learn about the comic premise – the gap between real reality and comic reality – and how to create comic characters out of thin air. If time allows (it will) you’ll learn such useful comic tools as clash of context, exaggeration, and the inappropriate response. If time still allows (it won’t), you’ll also learn the secret of life.


John Vorhaus is best known as the author of the comedy-writing classic, The Comic Toolbox, but he has written more than twenty books. An international creative consultant, he has taught and trained writers, created television shows, and developed entertainment programming in 30 countries on five continents.