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Check out the RDE 2015 workshops!

Tour high quality and highly radio relevant workshops will be offered Sunday 15 March from 1030 to 1315 and 13.30 to 16.30.

”Your on-air radio brand” by creative consultant John Vorhaus, USA
”The future of B2B and sales in radio” by Tomas Bacoccoli, communication expert, Sweden
”You got me feeling emotions” by Laura-May Coope, director of Social Life and former social media lead in BBC Radio 1, UK.
"Creativity management - case studies of Google and Pixar" by TV-producer/PhD-researcher Michal Ben-David, Israel

Read about the workshops below.

1. Your on-air radio brand

John Vorhaus (Creative consultant, USA)

With streamed programming putting traditional broadcast radio under siege, the first line of defense is the on-air talent Whether you anchor a morning show, interview guests, talk about sports, present the news, or wield opinion, it’s you – your presence, your brand – that makes the difference between radio and everything else! In this workshop, you’ll acquire new tools for understanding your brand and using it to achieve your goals. You’ll learn:

 •         Harmonizing your on-air self with your true self

•          Collaborating with guests and creative partners

•          Strategic exaggeration

•          Creating and using brand counterpoints

•          When and how to change your brand

•          Using brand empathy to build audience allegiance

Your brand matters. It requires attention, invention and frank introspection. Invest in your understanding of it, and you just might save radio itself!

John Vorhaus is best known as the author of the comedy-writing classic, The Comic Toolbox: How to be Funny Even if You’re Not, and has written more than twenty books on this and other subjects. An international creative consultant, he has taught and trained writers, created television shows, and developed entertainment programming in 30 countries on five continents.

2. The future of B2B and sales in radio

Thomas Bacoccoli (Communications expert, Sweden)

Not only are consumers  tired of the same old marketing and sales tricks, Advertisers are too…

B2B marketing and sales is changing at the rate of B2C. Advertisers want to be seduced by your sales department. They want to be dazzled. Learn about where in the history of B2B we are and how to adjust to it. Learn how to tell your advertisers the story of radio without boring them and make them with them as the story's main character.

With more than 20 years in high level media position within media Tomas Bacoccoli is now giving talks around the world on communication and creativity.  More than 20.000 people have been inspired by his talks over the past few years.  Tomas also gives lectures at various prestigious universities around Europe and has spoken in front of companies such as Google, P&G and Tech Data.

In his previous role as the CEO of the Swedish RAB and sales director for MTG Radio Sweden he has vast experience of internet, TV, radio and newspapers from all over the globe.

3. You got me feeling emotion

Laura-May Coope (Director of Social Life, UK)

Social media and radio make the perfect couple.  Laura-May Coope, Director of Social Life and ex Social Media Lead at BBC Radio 1, will talk you through the story telling power of creative social media and how it can create and maintain long term emotional relationships with listeners.  This workshop will explore platforms and tools, sourcing talent, access, pitfalls, safety and listener reward.

Laura-May Coope is the Co-Founder of Social Life, one of the UK's top social media agencies bringing broadcasters, brands and young audiences together using strategic social media campaigns over a number of different platforms.  Social Life's clients include the X Factor, MTV, BBC Three, Sky and Sony Music.

Laura-May previously led the social media strategy for BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra for more than four years. A pioneer of social media at these stations, she developed or launched all social platforms, set up a team of social editors and built a network of over five million fans and followers. She also led social media at a number of BBC events including BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, Red Nose Day 2013, Children in Need Rocks, The Teen Awards and The Big Conversation. For all of you interested in social media this is a workshop not to be #missed!

4. Creativity management - case studies of Google and Pixar

Michal Ben-David (TV-producer / PhD-researcher, Israel)

The research suggests that creativity management is defined by set of contradictions and tensions, however if balance is lost, the creativity of the whole organization is at risk. Nonetheless, extraordinary innovative ideas and new products emerge within a business environment.

This workshop explores the tension between creativity (freedom) and business (control) through the analysis of Google and Pixar, two of the most interesting and innovative companies in the world. Introducing a ‘think differently’ approach of management, Google and Pixar adhere to unconventional methods to enhance creativity and innovation. The workshop explores their unique approach utilizing video clips, stories and real cases examples. It offers managers the opportunity to question their own perceptions and to acquire new tools to direct creativity in their own organizations.

Michal Ben-David is a television producer, a lecture and a PhD researcher. She has created and produced some of Israel’s top television programs. From 2004-2011, Michal co-owned Reality Media, a production company that specialized in development and production of prime time entertainment TV. Michal has a MBA from Berlin School of Creative Leadership. She is currently a PhD researcher at King’s College London, Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries and a Visiting Lecturer at Regents University London. Michal’s research interests are especially focused on the tension between creativity and business. She specializes in executive education and explores new models of creativity management for the future creative industries.

First come - first served

The workshops have limited capacity.  They are offered at the additional cost of 120 Euro incl. VAT.  The workshops are exclusively for conference participants and they will be filled by the “first come, first served”-principle.

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