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Breaking the radio imaging rules

1) What rules would you like to break...

(*Please note, our blogger has broken all the rules on this blog)

Breaking the rules is part of your brand identity.

Breaking the rules makes you stick out in a market.

You are not number one, break the rules to because you want the top spot.

We are all here for fun.

Stations that are failures or underdogs should break the rules.

Realising you are “c**p” can be the best thing for creating innovative content.

Be you, be original and be pure entertainment.

It's important to try doing things that don't work.

Be an epic failure or be a bit underwhelming.

2) Who is best placed to break the rules?

Big brands break the rules – sounding different from everyone is a good thing.

You can break the rules in small specific parts instead of all the time.

You have to be brave to come to a market and break the rules!

Have a brave idea and then convince other brands to buy into it.

Think about radio as one big commercial... think about every piece of a programme as a commercial.

Brilliance in radio comes from the best content.  

3) Why is it good to break the rules? 

Break the routine – this is our greatest enemy.

Forget everything just break SOMETHING! 

4) Conclusions

Stay interesting and entertain.

Stick with it and make it work, even if you go back a bit it makes you think about why you were doing this in the first place.