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DHL Express

Big advertisers and sales houses on RDE 2012

The big advertisers, the advertising agencies, the advertising sales houses and the commercial radio stations will all be on stage to share views on commercial radio in Europe,

and how radio advertising will develop over the coming year(s)

In the session “Big Advertisers”, two European top level advertisers will show their cases and results. One of the biggest advertisers in Germany is DHL Express.
Share The Song of DHL Express, Share The World of DHL Express. The world celebrates “Ain’t no mountain high enough”! Companies, offices and other people all over the world join a huge “DHL Express Song” community to share a very special sing-a-long.

How does it work?

Radio stations around the World ask their listeners to motivate friends, colleagues or relatives who are on vacation, on tour or just living abroad, to sing the DHL Express anthem “Ain‘t no mountain high enough“ in front of a popular landmark and to shoot a video of this performance. This video will be published by the singer on the radio stations Facebook site. And the station is able to broadcast acoustic samples of the video in its program.

At Home the audience can listen carefully to identify „their“ singer. After having heard the sample they have a specific value of time – setup by every participating radio station – to get on air to the station in order to reveal the identity of the singer.

If this has been successful, DHL Express brings the parcel full of surprises to the person(s) working and living somewhere abroad.
Get the inside story behind the huge success presented by DHL Express themselves and Torsten Rüther from Media on Work (D) together with a case story from a UK top end advertiser to be announced shortly.