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Beryl & Betty – the oldest stars

Beryl & Betty – the oldest stars

Beryl Renwick (86) and Betty Smith (90) are the oldest ever to win the British radio prize “Sony Gold Award” for best entertainment in 2012. At Radiodays Europe you will hear their story.

You will hear the story about how they became radio stars on BBC Humberside and what it is like to produce them. 
Beryl and Betty knew each other from being members of a social club in Hull. They first med David Reeves, their producer, when they made a tour of the radio station. Their personalities obviously made an impression on David, who got the idea to put the old ladies on the radio. The show, a mixture of intended and unintended comedy, has now been going on for six years.
The producer and co-host David Reeves will share some hilarious highlights from the show and explain why he decided to go for the unusual “new talent”. He will also talk about the role of the producer and how you get “naturals” to make best use of their personalities on air.