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Be inspired by radio- 3 ways to be different

 An inspiring session with Volker Heise at RadioEins rbb, Alessio Bartallot at Raitunes RAI, and Michael Pauser at O3. RadioEins.

They have their journalists thinking on their feet, presenting the big issues of the day during an hour-long live show. Volker Heise, gave an interesting presentation on how he changed the format of this live show to make it more interesting.

 Alession Bartallot, demonstrated how the visual nature of radio can be accessed via a suite of new technologies, linking visuals and radio programming. He also spoke about "radio as art." Bartallot has used several digital artists from a Dali exhibition, Google maps and even created playlist for the show using Youtube and Facebook. This new concept crosses musical boundaries and opens a window on art and music. 
Finally, Michael Pauser spoke about a Charity project on radio, which asked listeners to donate their mobile phones to raise money. The campaign was run on radio, TV, print and online. It raised 4.5 million Euros over 8 years. Check out his presentation below.
This session could well be summarised by “Be inspired by the power of radio…”

Presentation of Michael Pauser:

Listen to the presentation and get inspired: