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Mike Fitzpatrick, Head of Content, Triple M, Australia

Back From the Dead: Triple MMM

Mike Fitzpatrick, shared his experience of bringing male directed Triple MMM back from the brink.

“Vision for a male brand” was important. Mr. Fitzpatrick shares photos from inside the studio. He says it's all about immersing the team in the brand. The station now has three pillars - rock, sport and comedy - and it's plastered all over the building. The guys at Triple MMM, speak, live and breathe these three areas.


“Must listen morning show” and “Sports DNA” – most radio shows are built around fun, excitement and contests. Triple MMM is none of those things. It's hyper local, with breaking sports and rock music. The morning show also deals with topics which most breakfast shows wouldn't touch – including personal stories and human interest stories.


“Owned and re-define the term "rock"' – Triple MMM established a music format for the 2010s, reclaiming their rock position. They brought in an honesty hour whereby listeners could call in and rate the show – instant feedback. As Fitzpatrick put it, it's real music by real musicians. The attention they got was so positive that Slash volunteered his services in creating new theme music and starring in a video for the station.


“Fan Community” – Triple MMM has a fan community of 5,000 members.  They're not motivated by prizes, but instead users like the brand and are proud of it. Members are brand ambassadors, and champions for the station.


In short, this talk was about how Triple MMM have driven their male brand through rock, sport and comedy. They do so by giving the audience a voice, they're transparent and treat them as part of a team, creating and sharing a vision of male radio.

Mike Fitzpatrick interviewed by Trevor Dann, Radiodays Europe: