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Awardwinning Leni Gagga - the world's youngest head of music!

Think different to rebrand your station and make it the-talk-of-the-town!  Says PD Torsten Birenheide from Berlin's successful BB-Radio. 

"We need a good music promotion to push our images and the ratings." Thats a sentence program directors often hear from their consultants. But in the end its most of the time the same: "Top 20, Top 40, Top 1000 and the money hits" 

But here comes Leni Gagga - the youngest head of music in the world!  This award winning promotion will show you a brand new way to power up the images of your station and win the battle of the ratings!

Leni Gagga made up a big show with all the music the listeners wished. But: Leni only played songs, not older then two years – the rest was unknown for her! Thousands of cool current songs where wished!

The promotion was surrounded by games like “Leni Gaggaoke” – where celebrities had to figure out the songs Leni was singing.  Funny, sweet, cool: BB RADIO gained the “Kress Media Award 2011” for the best radio programming.

Listen to the session (Leni Gagga is in the middle of the session)