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Arno Müller

Arno Müller: the living legend

German radio legend Arno Müller shared highlights from his incredible, and still ongoing, career with Nik Goodman. Arno Mûller is the number one morning personality on Berlin’s 104.6 RTL and he is everything you'd expect in a superstar DJ.
Berlin’s own Mr Morning’s, Arno Müller, is the star of a thirteen person-strong breakfast show. He has been on air presenting this show since 1991 when 104.6 RTL was launched.
Asked how Berlin was at that particular important time in history, he replied “I don’t know, I wasn’t there.” The crowd laughed and the scene was set. 
The very lighthearted conversation gave an insight into how Arno became Berlin’s most popular personality in 1992 and to this day still is.
Arno is probably one of the few radio personalities that has never done the boring bits in radio. Fresh out of business school he managed to win a job at Hessischen Rundfunk, ahead of 900 other applicants. With no work experience he started presenting the midday show.
Although being the star presenter at 104.6 RTL, he is also the programme director. Having said that, he is not very strict with anyone. He believes in a very liberal management strategy, and, rather than micro-managing, he believes in pointing his staff in the right direction.

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