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David G. Hall

An American looks towards Europe

 Talk radio is massive in the US, however American consultant David G. Hall thinks European presenters have a softer, less aggressive touch. An approach he likes.

Talk radio requires a lot from its presenters. Merely having a microphone, asking a provocative question and waiting for a response is far from enough.
David G. Hall has the gift which he is trying to teach, he masterfully uses words to paint pictures. With audio examples from radio stations across the world he walked his audience through the basics of talk radio, not forgetting his secret sauce.
“I have been where you are. Sitting down there looking at someone like me saying you should be entertaining. I thought that meant "be funny." It does not. To be entertaining is to say what people are thinking, but not saying.”
The secret sauce had other ingredients too, principles by which anyone with a microphone should keep in mind. Always get to the point quickly, at least within the first 30 seconds. Be frank. Having the ability to laugh at yourself and be mindful about who you allow time on air.
“So who is better?”
The question comes from the audience. Mr. Hall had been clever throughout his session giving very good examples from both sides of the Atlantic. He thought the European style, that is less aggressive, was better, but the best presenter was decidedly American.
“There’s no one like Bill Handel.”

Take a look at the presentation: