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All Italian radios meet in support of RDE in Milan

Earlier in October representatives from the Italian radio industry, including Rai, the big private radio groups and local radios, met in Milan to get involved in the planning of Radiodays Europe in March 2015.

Everyone seemed to be there and all showed a high level of interest in taking part.

“It is unusual that the whole industry get together around one common project, but everyone is committed to make Radiodays in Milan a successful radio event”, says radio presenter Filippo Solibello from Rai in Milan. 


Radiodays Europe in Milan is supported by the public broadcaster Rai, the industry body Confindustria Radio Telivisioni (private radios), the city of Milan and Expo 2015.


Milan is not only the radio city of Italy and the financial centre, it is also known for its creative industries in fashion and culture. It will be a media hot spot in 2015 when Milan is hosting the Expo 2015, attracting millions of visitors from around the globe.