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Advertisers love radio

 Spending £15 million in 2012, broadcaster BskyB is the biggest advertiser on UK radio. Looking at the industry from an advertisers perspective, they are asking for more numbers and a stronger working relationship.

 Radio is struggling to be recognised as an effective advertising medium in many markets across Europe. For Bob Suppiah, Director of Promotions and Partnership Marketing at BskyB, radio is an obvious partner for his TV products.
Through Absolute Radio they’ve successfully launched a 3D channel, and more recently the brand new Sky Atlantic channel.
From Mr. Suppiah’s perspective, radio has three main areas to improve their relationship with agencies and advertisers. Measurement of sponsorships and promotions, post campaign analysis and curating the relationships between radio station, advertisers and their agencies.
The benefits of a strong relationship between the advertiser, their agency and the radio station are obvious. The effectiveness of the promotion and the value of the content being of mutual benefit for the partners.
“Allow advertisers to experience radio,” he suggested.
Particularly “help those who are less radio literate to understand and experience radio.”

Follow up on Suppiah's presentation: