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This is an advertisement…ad man or mad man?

It’s all about taking control. Paul Weyland, local broadcast sales expert, weighed into Radiodays with his tips on how to "think like an ad man and sell like a mad man."

In yet another packed Radiodays session Weyland had the crowd in uproar with a joke a minute. But behind the mad man image there were some informative gems for commercial stations and sales teams in every radio market. 

Why should I buy from you? A question broadcasters should be asking their clients, to find out from them what they think is the key to selling their products. The client knows their market, has the best sound bites and knows their product. Asking the right questions gets you the commercial. Get on the same page creatively as your client. 

Paul Weyland asked the audience to start to take back control of the budget with clients. "Take what you ask for a month, and ask for it for a week he says. "I’ve only met two media sales people who were murdered for asking for more.”
Paul went on to discuss how "little jewels of truth" in commercials are essential, making an ad work. 

Paul has just written a book on the subject. To find out more, go to (see how powerful he is, he even got us doing some selling for him).