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AC 2.0 – Reinventing AC Radio

The population profile in parts of Europe is ageing, yet a lot of AC radio stations have a growing problem:  Listeners don’t want to admit they listen and top talent doesn’t want to work there.

So what can you do?

This session answers the key questions with some the most talented Programmers across Europe who have turned around AC radio stations in different markets and dramatically increased ratings and revenue:
What are the secrets of redefining AC radio to make it more relevant, more attractive and more powerful than ever?  When should you modernize your AC radio station?  How do you turn around an old-fashioned AC radio station and make it the radio station that gets talked about and drives passion and loyalty amongst both listeners and colleagues? 
In AC 2.0 you will get practical advice, concrete examples and trade secrets from the people who have successfully led their own teams to reinvent AC radio.
Speakers: Francis Currie (International Radio Consultant, UK), Hans van Rijn (Group Programme Director & Nordic Business Development Director – SBS Broadcasting, Europe), Christian Schalt (General Manager – RS2 & Kiss FM, Germany), Kevin Palmer (Promotions Director - Cadena 100, Spain) and Ivars Embrekts (Owner & General Manager – Radio Skonto, Latvia),