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30 Ideas in 45 Minutes

Nik Goodman hosted a panel of great speakers (Sam Crowther at Bauer, Ulla Svenson at Swedish Radio, Helen Thomas from BBC Radio 2, Larry Gifford, a Consultant, Anna Sale from New York Public Radio, and Gracia Lee at KBS) for a quick-fire session to bring more ideas to radio.

Larry Gifford focused his ideas around story development, urging producers to “dive deep into every angle of their stories” and to find the nuggets that listeners will care about.


“Eat Cake when you make a mistake” said Ulla Svenson. You need to praise the bad ideas because “if you’re not having terrible ideas, you’re not trying hard enough to make good ones”. Ulla also criticised indifferent radio, highlighting how ideas should give a reaction, because then you’re connecting with an audience.


The audience heard tips for interviewing from Anna Sale, from the podcast “Death, Sex and Money”. She emphasised the need to remember simple techniques. Bauer’s Sam Crowther, however, was all about audio.

He believes that as sound is what radio is built on, so producers and advertisers should think more about everything it can do for them.


Gracia Lee, from KBS in Korea, highlighted that content should be carefully selected for different platforms. And BBC Radio’s Helen Thomas gave advice for talent management. Working in radio is the best job in the world, she said, “and you should enjoy it, because if you aren’t enjoying it, then your audience probably won’t be either”.