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Participants at Radiodays Europe 2014, CCD, Dublin

1300 participants - who are they?

1300 attended Radiodays Europe in Dublin.  The countries with most participants at Radiodays Europe  were Germany and Ireland.

Among the most represented countries were also the four Nordic countries, UK, Netherlands, USA, France and Russia.

Participants came from 60 different countries, 10 more than last year. 32 European countries attended and 28 from outside Europe including 16 countries on the Asian continent and 6 African countries. Clearly Radiodays Europe is increasingly becoming a destination for the radio industry worldwide. 

Delegates come from commercial radio and public service in almost equal numbers. 38 % came from public radio and 37% from commercial radio. 9% work in consultancy, 5% came from organisations and 11% “other”.

29% define themselves as Top-level management, 28% are Programme Directors/Music Directors/Channel Managers, 10% are Heads of news or journalists, 9% are producers/programme hosts, 4% work in online or technical development, 5% in sales and 15% other.