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“Terror” on the radio

There were mistakes made by the media during the Charlie Hebdo attacks. 

As the world’s media camped outside of a Parisian supermarket in January this year, broadcasters were forced to figure out their role reflecting the story. 

Radio offers perspective and depth. But how can radio react to such an incredible story? 


In addition to the Charlie Hebdo attacks, this session focussed on the Sydney hostage story as well as the recent shootings in Copenhagen. What is the responsibility of the media in dealing with terror attacks? In fact, as one delegate asked, should the media even use the word “terror”?

Antoine Bayet, from France Info, said that these stories brought to the fore so many issues - logistical, philosophical and technological. 


During the #jesuischarlie story, France Info published 78 push notifications, bringing the audience closer to the story and giving them a reason to listen to the radio. But the French regulator made 36 complaints about these notifications - were there too many? 


Hopefully, broadcasters won’t need to put these skills and experiences to the test again…