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‘Thinking Differently: The Case studies of Google and Pixar’.

This new Sunday workshop explores the tension between creativity and business in organisations through the analysis of Google and Pixar.

Research suggests that creativity of the whole organisation is at risk if this tension is not balanced.  This workshop explores this issue.  Introducing a ‘think differently’ approach of management, Google and Pixar adhere to unconventional methods to enhance creativity and innovation. The workshop explores their unique approach utilizing video clips, stories and real cases examples. It offers managers the opportunity to question their own perceptions and to acquire new tools to direct creativity in their own organizations.

Michal Ben-David is a television producer, a lecture and a PhD researcher.She is currently a PhD researcher at King’s College London, Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries and a Visiting Lecturer at Regents University London, Faculty of Business and Management. Michal’s research interests are especially focused on the tension between creativity and business. She specializes in executive education and explores new models of creativity management for the future creative industries.

This workshop on Creativity management with Google and Pixar as cases will be offered on Sunday 15 March 1030 - 1315, while the thre other workshop will run 1330 - 1630.  All four workshops are exclusively for Radiodays Europe participants, come at an additional cost of 120 euro incl. VAT, requires pre-registration and are filled on a "first come, first served" basis.  Read about the other workshops and register.