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Welcome to Radiodays Europe 2014 in Dublin:

Snowden-session, dog-racing and literary pub crawling

This is a long newsletter.  First about the Snowden case and a thematic walkthrough of the main conference programme.  Then about the social events which come on top and adds a lot of lively Irish flavour to the event: Dogracing, literary pub crawling with Joyce, Becket and Wilde and all the good music. 

For those considering to participate it is time to move.  The last events in Barcelona and Berlin were completely sold out and we are already well above last years level in Dublin.  So be sure to register soon to secure your place.

For everybody attending it is a sound advice to read the last part about the Dublin Tours on Sunday 23 March.  Our Irish partners RTÉ and IBI have made some very attractive tours for us.  They have limited capacity and require pre-registration.

What happens next with the Snowden files?  This will be the core follow up question in the Radiodays Europle session where Deputy Editor Paul Johnson from The Guardian tells the inside story about how the newspaper got, handled and published articles based on the Edward Snowden files. 

Will the Snowden files be destructed as part of an asylum deal between the US and Snowden?  Or will we get more revealing articles, and – if so – by whom?  Should this sensitive material be handled by thrustworthy old media like the Guardian and New York Times?  Or are we comfortable with an unknown, new internet publication taking monopoly on publishing from the Snowden files?

The answer lies in the hands of four persons.  In addition to Edward Snowden himself and Paul Johnson it is Glenn Greenwald and Pierre Omidyar.  Glenn Greenwald was at the time the Guardian journalist with the direct contact.  He has now left the Guardian and established as a channel for publishing more of the Snowden material.  According to some sources, Glenn Greenwald and his colleague in The Intercept, Laura Poitras, are now the only ones in possession of the Edward Snowden files.  And they are supported by Pierre Omidyar, the founder of the internet auction site eBay, who is financing this net project with 250 million dollars. 

No, they will not all be at Radiodays Europe, only Paul Johnson.  But this will still make ”The Edward Snowden case” into a must-attend session at this year's Radiodays Europe.

Whatever your interest is in radio – RDE has something for you!

Creative programming.  ”Talkin ’bout my generation” – young professionals share radio experiences and views about what their peers think.  Listen to ”die Junge Wilde” from Antenna Bayern and their fresh takes on radio.  Pick up ”30 ideas in 45 minutes”.  Meet radio legend Tony Blackburn and international pop icon and radio host Kim Wilde.  Get insights into podcasting as a new tool for programme development in the US.  Absorb the creative mood of Australia’s most successful producer Sam Cavenaugh – and listen to how Valerie Geller and program directors around Europe work on developing programme personalities.  And not to forget – be sure to pick up ”The Sound of Radical Thinking” from Ralph van Dijk.   

Investigative journalism.  Not only the Edward Snowden case.  Listen to how the German NDR makes effective use of radio when they have a big story to tell, and to how Andy Carvin made Twitter into an advanced journalistic tool for contact and fact checking through his dialogue with 30.000 twitter contacts during the Arab spring.  Now he urges press and media to take more responsibility for the afterlife of their stories in social media.

Storytelling.  Everybody is talking about storytelling in all formats from 60 minutes and down to 15-20 seconds.  But who does it well?  Liam O’Brien and Ronan Kelly from Irish RTE have collected almost a 100 national and international awards – and it is still places left at their workshop on Sunday.  The Moth is a weekly cult event in New York and 15 US cities and a successful weekly radio programme on 250 radio stations – true stories told live for standing crowds.

Strategy.  Visions for the future in Radio Summit with four leading, female executives in the European radio industry.  Keynote by Helen Boaden – radio director of the BBC.  Lessons from America – what’s the effect when iTunes and other heavy streaming services come to the market?  What is the successful programming strategies for the transition into a digital media world?  How are European radios thinking about digital switchover from FM to DAB?  What is the world’s greatest apps – and what’s next from the Gadget lab?  Are radio in cars under attack?  And what is the smart grips onto the smartphone challenge?

Listener contact.  How do you engage your listeners through a really social radio?  New research on the media usage by teens – and advances towards new ways of measuring the involvement of listeners not only over radio, but also via podcasting, net radio and social media.

Sales.  Radio gives far better ”Return on investment” for advertisers than the clients believe.  Belgium is the country which exploits this best – how do they do it?  Pat Bryson knows a lot about how to talk to clients and achieving results.  Lyn Long and Yvonne Malak knows how to make small stations successful and profitable.  And Ralph van Dijks ”Sound of Radical Thinking” is also good for commercial success.

So – choosing the right track through the 50 sessions is maybe the largest challenge!

The Irish flavour on top of the conference:

Register for Dublin tours Sunday 23 March

From 11000: Treasure/Culture Hunt.  Challenge yourself and explore Dublin City! Form a team with your colleagues and other delegates, follow directions and try to solve the clues and see Dublin from a truly cultural perspective.  Unlimited capacity.  Starting from CCD from 1100 and running until 1600.  Duration 2 hours.

1200-1400: Walking in the Pheonix Park.  Guided tour in one of the most historic parts of Dublin's fair city led by John Ducie who knows its stories well.  Max 25.  Starting from CCD 1200.  Duration 90-120 minutes.

1330-1530: Tour of RTÉ Radio.  Guided tour to the RTÉ Radio Centre and environs.  From this building RTÉ is sending RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2fm and a number of digital radio channels.  Sunday is a busy day for sports.  Max 30.  Starting from CCD 1330.  Duration 2 hours.

1500-1700: Literary Pub Crawl.  The pub, the poet and the pint.  In Dublin, they seem inseparable.  Discover the gin palace, the long hall and the spirit grocer - and listen to actors perform from the works of Joyce, Becket and Wilde.  Max 30.  Starting from CCD 1500.  Duration 2 hours.

 Read more at web site and be sure to register now to secure you a place!

3 workshops
Sunday 1330-1630, CCD

Just a little reminder about the three pre-conference workshops: Storytelling on radioDevelop your on-air talent!  And The Inside Track on Being a Successful Editorial Leader.  They are being led by highly qualified radio coaches.  Read about them here.  These workshops are extra offers, cost 100 euro incl. VAT and requires extra registration for workshop via your login at the online registration.  There are still a few places vacant.

Welcome Reception
Sunday 1800-2000, Café en Seine

RTÉ Radio and Independent Broadcasters of Ireland, as co-hosts of Radiodays Dublin 2014, invites us to this welcoming reception. 

The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Oisín Quinn, will join RTÉ and IBI in welcoming us to the wonderful Dublin. This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow delegates, socialize and network, whilst enjoying some refreshments and entertainment. Café en Seine is  a continental and stylish café bar on Dublin’s leafy Dawson Street, that will transport us back to the heady days of early 19th century Paris.  Get the flavour of it through a virtual tour around Cafe en SeineRead more at web site.  No extra registration necesarry.

A Night at the Dogs
Monday 1930-2300,
Shelbourne Park Race Course

RTÉ and the IBI are delighted to invite delegates attending Radiodays Europe 2014 to the social event “A Night at the Dogs”. This will be a unique night for the city and for delegates; a night of good company, of music, of exciting sport and a taste of real Irish life.

A Night at the Dogs (greyhound racing) is at Shelbourne Park Racecourse on Monday 24th March. It truly is a fun, exciting evening, from the moment the dogs leave the traps right up to the winning line.  The atmosphere, the flutter, the “craic”, some refreshments and of course the top class racing – they all combine to make this a truly memorable and exciting evening. Throw in some musical entertainment in a warm cosy atmosphere and what more can you ask for.  We really hope you can join us!

The venue: Shelbourne Park is the flagship greyhound stadium in the country and is widely regarded as one of the leading night time entertainment venues in Dublin. Situated in the business district of Dublin 4, this modern venue is the perfect location for all types of outings. With ten thrilling races each race night, the stadium exudes excitement, passion and atmosphere, as some of the fastest greyhounds in training show their paces around this famous circuit.

Never been to greyhound racing before?  Do take a look at this short video to know what to expectRead more about the event at our web site.  No extra registration is required.

For commercial partners

Check out the great sponsorship opportunities around Radiodays 2014's social events here!

1200 delegates from 50 countries

Radiodays Europe is the largest international radio conference of its kind and had 1200 participants from 50 countries in Berlin 2013. The conference itself will cover a vast range of topics, from the latest digital challenges to new programme formats and inspiring innovations in radio. Radiodays is also an opportunity to meet all the leading figures in radio from across Europe and the world.

Register on the website

Register and buy your ticket for Radiodays Europe 2014 in Dublin on the website.

Plan your days in Dublin: 23-25 March 2014

Radiodays Europe in Dublin kicks off Sunday 23 March with Dublin tours between 1100 and 1700, workshops 1330-1630 and Welcoming reception 1800-200. 

The main conference and exhibition starts Monday 24th at 900 and will end Tuesday 25th at 1615. On Monday night 1930-2300 there will be a Radio Night at the Dogs event for all participants.


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