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Newsletter Wednesday 9 April 2014

In this newsletter

  • Watch and share the Radiodays Europe experience
  • The first four full sessions in video from the Dublin event
  • Great expectations for next year’s event
  • The milestones on the way towards Milan
  • Thanks to all for joining the radio family experience in Dublin

Read, watch and share
the Radiodays Europe experience

A successful Radiodays Europe is over.  But the content presented during two compact conference days will be with us for weeks and months to come.  Not only in our memory, but also on the net. Enjoy the two 2-minutes videos giving the atmosphere of the whole event and of the excitement at the Monday night at the Dogs.  Watch some of the 2-3 minutes video interviews with 24 central speakers or take a look at some of the articles from most of the sessions.  Maybe also look for yourself in the many photos free for download

It is already a lot to choose from.  Feel free to use and share any part of this material with radio colleagues and via social media!

Recap or catch-up with full sessions

Starting today we will also share video and audio recordings of a number of full sessions at Radiodays Europe 2014.  We will release new sessions weekly for in the coming month – and if you have favourites you really would like to see, you may tell us about it to  Here comes the first four sessions.

BBC’s Boaden: Change is upon as all

”As the digital revolution sweeps across the analog landscape, offering more choice to consumers than ever before, the challenges facing the industry now are as acute as they have ever been.
   We need to keep it in perspective though: video did not kill the radio star and the resilience of radio is remarkable and always makes me feel very, very proud. But change is upon us all”.

BBC’s Radio Director Helen Boaden said this in her keynote speech at Radiodays Europe 2014.   Watch her full speech in video.

The Killing of a Radio Reporter

“He wasn’t in the wrong place at the wrong time… he was targeted. He was on a semi safe street doing research and two people shot him in the back of the head. How do you protect yourself from murder”?  Cilla Benkö of Swedish Radio spoke about the murder of SR correspondent Nils Horner March 11th 2014.

   Caroline Wyatt (BBC Defence Correspondent) echoed Cilla’s thoughts – “I don’t think you can ever get rid of the risk”.

   Hannah Storm (International News Safety Institute, UK) spoke firmly and said that there was training available for journalists in high-risk areas.

Listen to the full session.

Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny

"As a huge radio fan myself I am mindful of how we don't just 'listen' to the radio.  Rather we 'attend' to it.  In the sense of the word's Latin origins ad & tendere - we 'stretch out' towards it.
   In fact so vital is radio in our lives that I believe if you asked people to commit to paper or a screen what your medium has meant or means to them (they would mention):

- The song playing on the car radio on the way to the birth of their first child.
- A father's favourite piece of music after he is long dead.
- The airways jammed with disem-bodied voices of discombobulated people full of shock and shared humanity on that never-ending day we didn't yet know as 9/11.

In recounting any of all this you would find they had written a love-letter to radio".  Watch and read his full speech!

Kim Wilde takes the stage

The eagerly anticipated presentation from Kim Wilde was both enter-taining and very well attended – with many enthusiastically singing along to her performance of “Kids in America”. 
   Kim has just started presenting a “fresh, modern, trendy and outstanding” new radio show and she had just flown in from a gig elsewhere. She was evidently excited to be at Radiodays Europe and involved in radio.

Read more, see short interview, watch full session and see her hit "Kids in America".


Enthusiasm in Milan for being chosen as
host city for Radiodays Europe 2015

At a press conference in Milan 3 April the Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia affirmed that:
   “ Milan thousands of radio and communication professionals will find a modern, dynamic and stimulating environment which will make Radiodays Europe 2015 a particularly special event. 

   Milan is without the shadow of a doubt the Italian capital of media and a focal point in Europe. The radio has been able to keep up with the times and it is today a media that responds to millions of citizens who demands diversified information, in Italy as well as all over the world. It is a media which is at the same time old and modern, able to reach out and communicate in an original and dynamic way with millions of people all over the world.

   And in 2015 we will celebrate with Radiodays Europe 90 years from the first radio transmission in Milan".         Read more


Milestones on the way towards Radiodays Europe in Milan 15 – 17 March 2015

Now.  The venue – Milano Congressi – is already booked and contact is established with local partners.  The practical planning with hotels, logistics and the general outline of the conference comes next. 

1 Oct.  Programme planning starts from a large partner meeting around 1 October and continues with intensive meetings in a small programme group in the following weeks.

All suggestions for themes and speakers are welcome.  The earlier they come in, the better chances there will be for finding a slot on the programme.  So feel free to mail input to

1. Nov.  Online registration of delegates for Radiodays Europe 2015 will start from 1 November with a deadline at New Year for early bird discounts.


We love radio – and the great radio family experience in Dublin!

This is the core Radiodays Europe team organizing the event.  A great thanks to everyone on the team.  And great thanks from the team to everyone involved in creating the radio family experience in Dublin: The programme group composing the programme, the local partners RTÉ and IBI making memorable Dublin tours and social events, the partners and individuals feeding us with ideas, the service minded people at the CCD venue and – above all – all the delegates bringing in the enthusiasm and willingness to share our common love for radio across all borders. 

Thanks to all for this year!

April greetings from
the Radiodays Europe team