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RDE NEWSLETTER - Launch of Radiodays Catch-Up 25-3-2015

Launch of Radiodays Catch-Up,
all about content and prices

The offer: See the 24 best RDE 2015 sessions as streaming video on your TV, PC, tablet or smartphone for personal use!

One week after the conference we are today launching Radiodays Catch-Up giving access to video streams from 25 of the best sessions at modest prices.

Were you in Milan?  Catch-up with the sessions you missed!  See again the sessions you loved!

Were you not in Milan?  Get an overview of what's new and interesting in the global radio business at a fraction of the cost of attending yourself!

Do you know you want it?  Go straight to the Radiodays Catch-Up Booking Page.  Or read the newsletter presentation of it first with all about the sessions included, prices, discounts etc.


The content

The 24 sessions are offered in three packages:

  • The full package with all 24 sessions
  • The Content & Programme Package with 12 sessions
  • The Strategy & Business Package with 12 sessions

Overview of sessions included in the packages below.  For more detailed information go to RDE 2015 programme matrix, find the sessions included in Radiodays Catch-Up and follow links through to session descriptions and speaker bios for each session.

A) The 24 session full package with all the sessions

Almost all the 30 pre-registrations bought so far have gone for the full package.

B) The 12 session Content & Programme Package

  1. The Z100 Morning Show.  Elvis Duran, Dennis Clark, John Simons
  2. The Chris Evans Show.  Helen Thomas and Nik Goodman
  3. Death, sex and money.  Anna Sale
  4. The infamous royal prank call – the DJ tells her story.  Mel Greig
  5. The Comic Toolbox. John Vorhaus
  6. Hey Mr DJ.  Luc Frelon, Jure Longyka, Chris Blacklay
  7. Five simple tools to make your show better.  David G. Hall
  8. #jesuischarlie. Cécile Mégle, Antoine Bayet, Mark Cummins, Anders Kinch Jensen
  9. The golden age of news.  Mark Little
  10. Telling the truth from conflict areas.  Cecilia Rinaldini, Konstantin von Eggert, Carsten Kuehntopp, Sidsel Wold.
  11. Loving the news.  Tony Scott and Tue Blædel
  12. Mobilizing audiences.  Alex Braga, Erik van Hengstum, Antonio Mendes

C) The 13 session Strategy & Business Package

  1. Passion meets Progress.  Opening of Radiodays Europe 2015 in Milan.  Luigi Gubitosi, Mathieu Gallet, Kristian Kropp, Cilla Benkö
  2. Radio Summit.  Thor Gjermund Eriksen, Stefan Møller, Helen Boaden
  3. For the next generation.  Cajsa Lindberg, Ben Cooper
  4. Bed to bed.  Alison Winter.  Audio now.  Judith Spilsbury.
  5. Redefining radio.  Sam Cavanagh
  6. Digital radio.  Ole Jørgen Torvmark, Jacqueline Bierhorst, Annika Nyberg, Laurence Harrison
  7. Radio beyond radio.  Pierre Bellanger. 
  8. How radio  became digital first.  Ali Abhary
  9. Stream battle.  Larry Rosin, Rüdiger Landgraf
  10. Radio in car.  James Walshe, Michael Hill, Tobias Wallerius
  11. Mobile apps.  Joel Sucheman, Long Zheng, Boris Lochthofen, Michael Mahemott
  12. South Africa’s formula for radio creative success.  Mariana O’Kelly
  13. 30 ideas in 45 minutes.


The normal price for the full 24 session package is 300 euro, while each of the 12-13 session packages are offered for 180 euro.

The price for participants in all categories to Radiodays Europe in Milan is 200 euro for the full package and 120 euro for each of the 12 sessions packages.

When the participants get a substantial discount off the normal price, it is because they already have contributed with their delegate fee or work to the development of the content.  Therefore it is reasonable that they carry a smaller share of the additional costs in producing the Catch-Up service: Video recording, editing in the slides, producing the packages, setting up the sales website and handling the money transactions.

While non-participants get with the normal price a great offer to watch the best sessions at Radiodays Europe 2015 at a fraction of the cost for flights, hotels and delegate fee if they should attend themselves.

Now what?

Choose your package.  Go to

Radiodays Catch-Up Booking Page

If you participated in Milan, enter the discount code you have got in a separate mail from Radiodays Europe. 
If you were not in Milan, just continue without entering any code. 

You can pay with Visa, Master or American Express. 

After going through the process, you will get a confirmation mail from Radiodays Europe Shop.  It has a button with "Get your downloads".  This is your link to the page where you get the list of the videos you have bought access to see on your PC. 

Be sure to store this link or email somewhere you will find it on your computer - you will need the link next time you shall watch the videos.  You can also watch the video streaming from your smart phone or tablet as long as you have a decent internet connection.  ENJOY!

By the way - "Get your downloads" is misleading.  What you get is access to video streaming of the sessions, not to download them.  But this is a standard set up in the software that we cannot change.

Local partners in Milan


Premium commercial parteners