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RDE-Participants Newsletter: Your discount codes for Radiodays Catch-Up

15 - 17 MARCH 2015


Your discount codes for Radiodays Catch-Up

This mail can save you 60 to 100 euro.  So read carefully!

Radiodays Catch-Up will be launced today

It is a video streaming service giving you access to 25 sessions from Radiodays Europe 2015 at a modest price.  You can buy

  • a 12 session package on ”Content & Programme”
  • a 13 session package on ”Strategy & Business”
  • or ”The Full Package” with all the 25 sessions from both packages.

The Radiodays Catch-Up offer will be presented in another Radiodays Europe newsletter going out later today.  There you can read all about which sessions that are included in each packet, how you can buy access to the material and how you can utilize it for personal use.

Special discount for participants to RDE 2015

The usual Radiodays Europe Newsletters are distributed to all the 6000 radio interested people subscribing to our mailing list. 

This version of the Newsletter, however, goes only to the 1300 of you who registered and participated at Radiodays Europe 2015 in Milan.  It contains codes you can use to get access to Radiodays Catch-Up with a substantial discount on the normal price for non-participants.


Normal price for non-participants

Discounted price for participants

12 sessions Content & Programme

180 euro – no code

120 euro - code: EA3MN4LV

13 sessions Strategy & Business

180 euro – no code

120 euro - code: N6GVQHX0

25 sessions Full Package

300 euro – no code

200 euro - code: WILKPRYM

Why a price and different prices?

The 1300 of you receiving this mail participated in Radiodays Europe 2015 in Milan – as regular participants, partners, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, press or staff.  You all contributed in different ways to finance and make the conference into a success.

The potential of the Radiodays Catch-Up Service is based upon the status and reputation Radiodays Europe has gained during our 6 years – as a global destination for radio people to network and attend sessions with world class speakers within the field of radio and media development.

With your contribution it has been possible to establish and develop the conference into what it has become.  This includes even publishing of a large amount of material for free: Articles about most sessions, short video interviews with 20 speakers communicating main points in their sessions, a printed programme and a mobile app with all about the content of the conference, etc.

Producing Radiodays Catch-Up does, however, involve considerable additional costs on top of the conference costs: Video recording all the sessions, editing the slides into the video, composing the packages, establishing the web shop, handling the money trans-actions etc. 

It is reasonable that these extra costs are paid by those who want to use Radiodays Catch-Up and not by all conference participants.  It is also reasonable that the participants who have already contributed to the conference content, are offered access at a lower price than non-participants. 

After all – even at the normal price Radiodays Catch-Up is a great offer to non-participants.  They get access to 25 of the best sessions at Radiodays Europe 2015 at a fraction of the cost of flights, hotels and delegate fees for attending the conference themselves.  


  • Study the Radiodays Catch-Up Service in today’s Radiodays Europe Newsletter
  • Is there sessions there that you missed and want to catch-up with?
  • Do you find your favourite sessions that you want to see again for inspiration and learning?
  • Are there ideas and perspectives available in the service that you can adopt and start using in your own radio work?
  • If so, the cost of the packet may be a very small investment compared to the benefit it can give you.

First we take Manhattan.  Then we take Berlin?

Radiodays Europe has in 6 years developed into the largest and most important international radio conference in the world. 

Nobody knows what a video-on-demand service like Radiodays Catch-Up can develop into.  Time will show.  But you do now have the chance to test it from the start at a modest price to see what potential it may have. 

Welcome as an early adopter from Year One!

Greetings from
Rolf Brandrud
and the Radiodays Europe Team