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Newsletter RDE March 27, 2012 - links to audio, video and slides


Audio, video and slides from Barcelona - and welcome to Berlin 17 - 19.3, 2013

Listen - or listen again - to Christian O´Connell and other top speakers from the Barcelona-event!

Breakthrough in new parts of Europe

Radiodays Europe had its real breakthrough with the Barcelona-conference March 15 - 16.  More than 700 participants, a large crowd on the waiting lists, great sessions and enthusiastic participants.  Good vibes are now spreading throughout the radio industry - and the expectations for the next event are high.

Links to content on highlightspage

This web page offer direct to some of the highlights from the conference - for the benefit of participants as well as for those of you who did not have the chance to come to the conference this time. 

Here you can listen to audio, look through slides, read articles and in a few cases watch video.  The material is for several reasons not complete, but we hope it gives a picture of a conference with a variation of themes, interesting speakers and a multitude of nationalities.  This is Radio!  This is Europe!

You can also go to the programme page and click on the session titles to see what content that is available for particular sessions.

So follow this link to the highlight page to come to our audio, video, slides and article material from Radiodays Europe in Barcelona March 2012.

Some themes from the conference

Here are some of the highlights you can experience again.

1. Be open, be bold, be proud! says EBU Media Director Annika Nyberg.

2. Great stories happen to those who can tell them.  Listen (again) to sparkling sessions with Ira Glass, This American Life, Christian O´Connell, Absolute Radio, UK, Pete Waterman, legendary British producer/songwriter and The Ronnie Wood Show with the former Rolling stone.

3. Fish where the fishes are.  Get useful tips about radio use of internet from Claire Wardle, Brett Spencer, Paul Myers, Michael Praetorius and Kurt Hanson.

4. Combination (of broadcast and online) is King!  See the newest gadget with digital tv, radio and internet in the hand wherever you go.  Hear the foresights for DAB+ around Europe and how Norway will manage to shutoff FM in 2017.

5. Data is the new oil!  New incomes to harvest when you know more about your listeners.

6. Making radio cool.  How to get young talent hammering at radio´s doors again.

7. Support for independent journalism.  Eastern Europe knows state controlled media from before 1990.  After the challenge has been political favoritism - governments helping their friends and blocking their opponents.  KlubRadio, Hungary told their fighting story.

8. Radio and the challenged driver.  How much entertainment can we have in the car with so much to watch for on the outside.  Listen to the Volkswagen view.

9. What was the buzz from the conference afterwards?  Listen to the voices of the participants on the conference´s own "This is Radio!"-channel, to the Medienmagazins of Berliner Radio Eins and BR5 from Munich.  Lend ear also to 10 central speakers on Trevor Dann´s Radio Talk from the conference.  And take a look at the videos produced from the conference.

And finally: Goodbye Barcelona, Hello Berlin!

Radiodays Europe has gone from the North (Copenhagen in 2010 and 2011) to the South (Barcelona in 2012) and is now continuing onwards to the Middle: Berlin 2013. The conference has had great partners to work with in Barcelona, and project managers are already in close dialogue with enthusiastic partners in Berlin. We are moving from a HOT to a COOL city, which has a lot to offer.  Go to the highlight page and watch Berlin slides and the Goodbye and Hello-video.

The dates for the 2013-event are fixed: March 17 - 19. The venue as well: bcc - Berliner Congress Centrum.

And the ticket sales will start on October 1st.

Welcome to Radiodays Europe 2013!

Greetings from
the Radiodays Europe team