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Creating Compelling Content

Valerie Geller (Geller Media International) offered the audience tips for creating the best radio content in the world.

Torsten Bierheide (BB Radio, Berlin) took to the stage with his thoughts on engaging the audience with radio content. “Know your listeners as best you can, never be boring, bring your content to life and get to the point” he said.

Torsten Bierheide interviewed by Trevor Dann, Radiodays Europe

Liz Green (BBC Radio Leeds) followed with her top three pointers. “Get a grip, every story has a story”, she said. Liz advocated the importance of content and illustrated how it has worked for her. “What I want in my studio are real people with real stories”.

“The team’s job is to create the feeling that we are in it together. By getting a grip, the team are all on the same level”. This matters if you want to create compelling content.

Following Liz was Denis Florent (RadioFormat, France) who amped the early bird audience with his energetic and comedic approach, throwing teddy’s out into the audience to demonstrate his “love for his listeners”.

Overall the presenters agreed that we must make the listeners feel like they are in the room with the presenter. Radio should speak directly to the audience with content that they can relate to.

Valerie concluded the superb presentation with, “Understand what it feels like to be alone in a car or in a room, or just feel alone and isolated, and all of a sudden you hit the black button and you are not alone. Human people are tribal, make them part of a tribe”.

Valerie Geller interviewed by Trevor Dann: